About Aspire Research Foundation

Empowering people with education and research. Transforming lives of students, researchers and knowledge seekers.

Aspire is a non-profit volunteer based organization who fosters a positive environment for researchers to share their innovative ideas for the growth of our nation in the field of Science, Information & Communication Technology. Aspire Research is the foundation of modern society and it exhibits gratitude to advances in science and technology that enable us to enjoy longer, healthier and more prosperous lives.

Aspire Research Foundation represent itself is an aspiration for education, research and learning. Our team symbolizes a splendidly varied cluster of intellectuals, mentors and engaged volunteers who are set to mark a revolution through research in science (basic, medical), engineering and technology. The organization was established in 2015 to create knowledge through research projects, conferences, workshops and aligned events for engineers, scientists and research scholars. Aspire also puts endeavors towards publication of research articles in renowned journals to provide recognition to the research scholars in the world. Aspire supports publications in peer reviewed and open access journals in the field of science, engineering, technology and management.

We assist young researchers by funding their research projects. The money generated from research endeavors is utilized for research projects only. This way, we facilitate the society to generate more knowledge and accelerate innovation, health and prosperity around the world.

Aspire Objectives

Enables researchers to publish any research outputs they wish to communicate through conferences and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Organize conferences, workshops, FDPs to provide a common platform to researchers, academicians and industrialists to share their innovations and research work.

The funds generated from conferences/workshops to be utilized for sponsoring the innovative research projects of growing researchers.

The funds collected from donations and funds generated by Aspire are to be utilized for educating children in rural and tribal areas.

Research Advisory Board

Dr. Bertrand Mareschal

Professor, Deptof Statistics and OR, Brussels Free University (U.L.B.), Belgium

Kulwinder Singh

Chief Communications Officer, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, India

Dr. Rutuparna Narulkar

Scientist, Oklahoma State University, USA

Dr. Kamran Morovati

Scientist & Security Analyst, Govt. of New Brunswick, Canada

Prof. Anil Jadhav

Professor, Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune, India

Dr. Jean-Philippe Garneau

Professor, UQAM, Canada

Dr. Arunjit Kaur

Oncologist, Fortis Healthcare, Mohali, India

Dr. Harshada Gorey

Scientist – E, Permtech Research Solutions, India.