Aspire for publications

Aspire offers author Hub, where researchers can acquire all the information needed to publish their research works as research articles, book chapters and as conference proceedings with renowned publishers.

Aspire has a publishing history as a valued partnership with renowned publishing house such as Springer. We guide authors for delivering quality research output and innovative products to the research community in form of research articles, book chapter and books.

Journal authors

Publishing through Aspire starts with finding the right journal and publishing house for research paper. We explore how to provide the best chances for success and the steps a researcher needs to take to publish his research work in reputed journals.

  • Finding a journal – We assist in finding appropriate journal for publication of the work.
  • Author resources – We assist in research projects and also guide the authors to enrich their articles with multimedia and interactive data visualization, to share their research work and to discover tools for submission of research articles.
  • Ethics in publishing – The publication of research article in a peer-reviewed journal is an important building block in the development of a network of knowledge. It is a direct reflection of the quality of work of an author and the organization that support them.

Ethics to be considered while publishing:

  • Authorship of the paper: Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the research work.
  • Plagiarism: The authors should ensure that they have presented entirely original works, and if the authors have used the research articles of others, they should cite the work properly.
  • Multiple or concurrent publication: An author should not publish articles describing the same research work in more than one journal.
  • Acknowledgement of sources: An acknowledgment of the work of others must always be revealed.
  • Use of images or case details of clinical trial: Studies on patients require ethics committee approval and informed consent, which should be documented in the paper.